create yor own fragrance

perfume oil blends

Our ingredients include many classic fine fragrance extracts: jasmine, rose, neroli, orris, peppers, sandalwood, bergamot, datura, violet leaf, ylang-ylang, freesia, frangipani, lily, blackcurrant, vanilla, patchouli, oakmoss, lavender, musk, galbanum, linden, gardenia, ginger, sage, mandarin, boronia, myrrh, labdanum, clove, davana,  angelica, tonka, opoponaz,  styrax, armoise, juniper, olibanum, ...

the myperfumeparty system uses 18 beautifully complementing, top quality perfume oil blends

Citrus - bright, sharp, refreshing   Spicy - deep exotic warmth, oriental
Green - invigorating and natural   Woody - smooth and sensual
Ozonic - fresh, crisp, clean, dreamy   Balsamic - classic, decadent French
Fresh Floral - comfortable and caring   Aldehyde - rich and sophisticated
Fruity - youthful bubbly sweetness   Floral Musk - smooth, warm and deep
Rose Floral - elegant, refined, eastern   Forest Floor- earthy and  animalistic, touch of mystery
Floral Floral - narcotic and sensual   Herbal - rustic, tonic, mediterranean
Gentle Floral - delicate and so very pretty   White Musk - beautiful, sensual, soft
Heady Floral - hot and passionate   Tonic Sport - fresh, sporty and fit

 from literally millions of possible combinations, you can design your fragrance to be as individual as you are.